Small Apartment Living: Part Two (Making Space for Twins)


Our apartment’s second bedroom is quite the multipurpose room; it serves as a guest room, a storage room, a library, a home office, and my Etsy shop workspace. In just a couple months it’ll also serve as the twins’ nursery. Before we knew we were having twins I wasn’t too concerned about having room for a baby; we planned on using our Graco Pack n’ Play (we found a great deal on a gently used model at a local kids’ consignment store) as a crib which would be portable and wouldn’t take up too much space. We plan on having our twins sleep together (after all, it’s what they’re used to and other twin moms recommend it since the babies tend to soothe each other), but something a little bigger was needed so we got a standard size crib…which meant finding room for the big crib in the already full second bedroom!

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our guest room turned nursery for twins:

This is the “BEFORE”, taken just a couple days after moving in. The room has changed a lot since then!
My desk is my little corner of “home office” space. The changing table is now right behind me by the window, but there’s still just enough room for me to comfortably access all my drawers.

This is the “guest room” portion:

Moving the bookshelves and the bed to this wall perpendicular to the window instead of having the bed against the window-wall ended up opening up the room a lot by baring the wall space for our photo arrangement. The hanging lamp provides some great ambient light for guests.

And now with room for twins! Hidden away by the bedskirt are rolling plastic storage boxes for back-stocked diapers and wipes. With twins we’ll be going through them so quickly, we needed a good supply. Our waterproof mattress is covered by a multi-layer waterproof mattress cover and then the crib sheet. We have spares of both mattress cover and sheets in case we need any late-night changes (no one wants to wait on laundry in the middle of the night).

Just enough room for the crib! My mother made the Dr. Seuss quilt, paying special attention to my primarily navy and yellow color scheme. It couldn’t be any more perfect!


We scored this adorable changing table at our local kids’ consignment store for a great price! I loved it because of the sleigh design and the built-in storage and laundry hamper. Pieces with built-in storage are a MUST for small space living. Rather than using a changing table, try saving space by putting a changing pad on top of a dresser…this will give you tons of space to store all those baby clothes, keep your diaper changing station organized, and the dresser will be used for years and years to come once the changing table becomes obsolete. We needed something a little smaller than a dresser for our space, hence the compact and very light weight changing table.

The top drawer of my changing table has a set of diapers, plenty of wipes, and some handy-dandy Boudreaux’s!
On my little side table next to the changing table I have a soap dispenser filled with hand sanitizer and an apothecary jar for pacifiers (I made sure to buy BPA-free orthodontic designed pacifiers with maximum airflow to prevent rashes on drooly babies)
And as a little reminder for those difficult late nights and early mornings…our little ones are worth it!

Kids’ books are kept in the basket on the bottom of the shelf and my fairytale and storybook collections are stored on the higher shelves. Over time the twins will take over this shelf with toy baskets, but for now I get to keep my storage space!

That’s my wedding bouquet in the vase on top of the bookcase 🙂 My sister made it with florist-recommended “real touch” silk flowers…can hardly tell the difference while walking down the aisle!
The twins’ library collection grew quite a bit post baby shower! It’s special having so many well-loved classics from family members; I can’t wait to start reading to our little ones.

Both myself and TwinDad are avid readers and have been since we were children, hence the storybook quote wall. I found the tacky golden ship and, despite all doubts, found a great use for it as the focal point of our storybook wall. C.S. Lewis’ “Narnia” series is featured heavily on our storybook wall, including a diagram of the ship the Dawn Treader from “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (see where the gaudy golden ship fits with the theme?)

I also had to make sure to include my favorite page from my favorite Dr. Seuss book, “I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew”. Unfortunately my picture below doesn’t show the words clearly, but the gist of the message of the book is that you can’t run from your problems because there will always be problems wherever you go. It is better to be brave, stand up for yourself, and take every hardship head-on…”now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!”

IMG_2384 IMG_2383

IMG_2432 IMG_2431


It still looks a mess, but keep in mind that this is a work in progress! I use the closet to store baby clothes, more back-stocked diapers, shipping supplies, holiday decorations, pre-pregnancy clothes, gift wrapping supplies, Etsy store supplies, etc. Make use of dead space with storage pieces like the Sterilite dresser we use for the many, many baby onesies we’ll be going through this summer. The wire shoe rack was cheap but fits my storage bins perfectly for added storage space. Here’s a tip: never walk past the dollar spot section at the front of Target…I’ve been very surprised with some awesome storage pieces for amazing prices numerous times.



We’ve all seen the lush nurseries on Pinterest. While it would be wonderful to have such a luxurious room devoted entirely to our twins, we simply don’t have the space right now. We’ve made the best of the space we have, and I think we did a pretty good job! And of course, no matter how small, there’s always room for a little frivolous “cute” 🙂

TwinDad’s Precious Moments little knight now has a spot of honor as a reminder for his little boys to strive, like he does, to be a good, honorable, chivalrous man.

What are some of your tips for making the most of a small nursery?


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