Tired Twin Mom’s Beauty Routine

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Recently I read the reflections of a fellow twin mom about the differences between single and twin pregnancies. Never having had a single pregnancy, I have nothing to compare my twin pregnancy to and her reflections were quite helpful in understanding the way I’ve been feeling lately, which can be summed up in one word: TIRED. For the most part I am sleeping through the night and getting somewhere around 9-10 hours of sleep, yet I still feel tired all the time. I like to stay active and keep myself busy running my online shops, deep cleaning my home while I’m still mobile enough to do so, and running daily errands. However, as I reach the end of my second trimester and enter the who-knows-how-long-it’ll-actually-last-before-preterm-labor third trimester, I find myself getting more and more tired no matter how long I sleep and how many naps I take. Not only do I feel tired, I LOOK tired.

Not wanting to look so tired with a baby shower coming up, I’ve really started focusing on my beauty routine and I want to share a few tips with those fellow moms who are feeling as tired as I am!

  • First of all, adequate sleep and hydration are important. Growing babies is hard work and it’s okay to be tired and take a nap (or two or three or four) whenever your body needs it. For twin mommas it’s especially important to stay hydrated since we need about a gallon of water a day. Proper hydration also helps keep our skin healthy.

Something I learned recently is that products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (common acne fighting ingredients in facial cleaners) are considered risky for use during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones have caused waves of breakouts for me, so I had been using some products with these ingredients until I read this. I tossed out my old products and switched to a sensitive skin loving gentle cleanser: Simple Moisturizing Cleanser.

  • I use the cleanser every morning for a gentle, salicylic acid-free cleanse, and I use the facial cleansing wipes in the evening. About once a week I do use St. Ives Green Tea Scrub to exfoliate. It’s much gentler than the popular apricot scrubs that can irritate sensitive skin, and it smells oh so good.

image image

  • I follow up with a quick cottonball wipe of witch hazel as a natural toner. It’s super cheap and the big bottle lasts quite a long time. Rather than using scented, chemical-filled, and drying alcohol-based toners that are at least $6 a bottle, I love my $1.50 a bottle witch hazel!
  • I finish off my basic routine with a deeply moisturizing facial lotion, also Simple brand. This usually leaves my skin feeling fresh and dewy…but lately I’ve still been looking haggard and oh so tired. With a little help from my cosmetic friends, I’ve been able to combat that tired look!

My sensitive and very fair skin have made finding good makeup products a challenge. I don’t want to pay top dollar and being able to conveniently grab my products during a typical shopping excursion is important to me. Almay has become my best friend in the cosmetics aisle; their products are specially formulated for sensitive skin, and the Smart Shade foundation is actually the right shade for my skin!

  • I always start off with Almay’s luminous primer. A little goes a long way, so a few tiny dots brushed into my t-zone gives me a bright, fresh look. I focus especially on those bags under my eyes that are in need of a little extra illuminating.


  • Almay’s Smart Shade foundation follows, brushed on very lightly with either a sponge or clean foundation brush. I try to use very little to keep a fresh, natural look.


  • Physician’s Formula is my other favorite brand for a highlighting loose powder and subtle bronzing powder. A sweep of bronzer in a C shape around my cheekbones is usually all I need, followed by an all-over brush of highlighting powder. My fair skin needs the lightest powder I could find, hence the highlighting powder; something a little darker might work for the bronzed beauties out there.


I finish my look off with a neutral eye palette and a peachy shade of blush. Focusing on good skin care routines and highlighting those tired eyes have helped my haggard, pregnant face look not quite so tired.


What are your best tips for beating third trimester fatigue?


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