Altering a Thrifted Find: Cutting a V-Neckline into a Round Neck Dress

Being a huge fan of consignment shops, thrift stores, and eBay deals, I often find myself falling in love with dresses that aren’t quite the right fit. I’m far from an accomplished seamstress, but I’ve learned a few tricks during my thrifting days and now I’m not so scared of tackling a number of basic alterations.

My latest consignment store score was a beautiful, brand new, silk Maggy London dress that is about 3-4 sizes too big. While I don’t usually go for bold patterns, I fell in love with the bright floral pattern. While silk is more difficult to work with, this fit-and-flare style dress has basic seams up the sides and a back zipper so I felt confident I could take it in as much as needed (side zippers make it pretty much impossible to take in a dress without professional help). However, my twin bump won’t let me take in the dress until after the boys come.

I love my local consignment store for many reasons, one of which is the wonderful job they do putting together outfits. I particularly love the belt and necklace with this one!

My figure tends to prefer wearing v-necks since they’re more flattering than a round neck. I’d never made a v-neck out of a round neck dress, and it wasn’t without a great amount of nervousness that I took my scissors to this lovely silk dress. I used another v-neck dress to measure how deep to cut the v-neck. Most important is making sure you cut straight and even so your v-neck won’t be off-center.

I measured and marked how deep to cut my v-neck and made sure it was straight down the middle


  • Once I cut a straight line down, I folded the extra fabric inside, pinned the new neckline, and trimmed the excess making sure to leave enough to fold the raw edges under.
  • I used my sewing machine to stitch down the raw edges.
  • Using the silk setting on my iron, I pressed the stitches.
  • I then folded the neckline under one more time and hand-stitched the ends down to have a clean front to the dress.
Not the neatest of stitches, but it works for me!

I’m quite happy with the outcome and can’t wait to take in the sides and wear this dress!

I pulled this lilac cardigan out of my closet and I have a coral belt too, just like the one on the consignment store mannequin



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